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Kavanagh Christmas

Book Review Kavanagh Christmas  (Kavanagh Legends Series)

Title: Kavanagh Christmas

Series: Kavanagh Legends Series

Author: Sarah Robinson

Date Published:  November 7th 2017

Date Read:   November 8, 2017 

The Blurb:

The heartfelt holiday conclusion to the Kavanagh Legends family saga revisits all the couples that readers have fallen in love with throughout the series. An angsty and loving Christmas novella, it’s the perfect goodbye to these Irish MMA fighters and a glimpse into what the future holds for them.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the entire Kavanagh family is feeling anything but the holiday spirit. Commitments are questioned, relationships are tense, and bickering is nonstop. 

However, when a crisis strikes and the family realizes that they might lose one of their own, they’ll come together to remember the reason for the season is first, and foremost, love and family.

With their own heartwarming HEAs, Sarah Robinson’s Kavanagh Legends novels can be read together or separately:

My Review

3 Mixed emotions Stars

***Spoilers please don't read if you don't like 


Well I have been putting off writing this review for 3 days now. I have been trying to decide how to rate a book that had me all over the place with my emotions. I have loved the Kavanagh's since book one. All four of the books before this one and the novella got a 4 or 5 star from me. I was so looking forward to this book. I figured it would be a little cute Christmas novella that would make the way for Jimmy or Casey's book, but nope. I was so disappointed to read at the start of this book that this would be the last book of the series. That this book takes place years after the last book and would touch on the whole family and then wrap up the series. I was really looking forward to Jimmy's book and Casey's. So I started this book on a bit of a sour note knowing I wouldn't be getting two books I was looking forward to. A couple pages into the book and I was back into my happy little Kavanah world enjoying this big loud Irish family. I settled in for a nice sweet holiday story but instead I got some sweet with a lot of tears and heartbreak. Why Sarah Why???? I love Sarah's writing style and her yummy heroes but I couldn't handle all the sadness this book gave me. First off it felt like one long depressing epilogue. As this book starts years after Quinn's and then covers 12 years into the future. Though there was good stuff in this read like sexy time with my favorite couples, New babies, and new relationships(Casey and Jimmy)the heart break overshadowed all my happy feels. 

This was suppose to be a happy Christmas read I didn't want to read that Rory and Clare six year old son gets cancer and has to battle cancer for many years having to suffer pain and life long health issues from the chemo. Nor did I want to read about Seamus and Dee dying. OMG they are the heart of the family. I cried like for real I fucking cried. I have fell in love with big gruff Seamus and super mom Dee. They have been a big part of every single book in the series they can't die. They have to live forever and live HEA! Now because I did enjoy about half of the book I gave it 3 stars. But to be honest I felt sad and disappointed after I finished it and I really wished I hadn't read it in the first place so Dee and Seamus would still be alive in my head. Don't take my silly over emotional opinions on this book. I am definitely the minority in my rating and feelings since all my friends loved it.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Book Review Relentless  (Vampires in America Series)


Series: Vampires in America Series

Author: D.B. Reynolds

Date Published:  October 30th 2017

Date Read:   October 30, 2017 

The Blurb:

TREACHERY . . . Something the powerful Vampire Lord Raphael has seen far too much of lately. 

RAGE . . . An emotion that, left unchecked, can burn like the fires of hell.

REVENGE . . . A dish that philosophers claim is best served cold.

It’s been months since the powerful French vampire Mathilde used Raphael’s arrogance against him and nearly succeeded in taking his life. His fury has grown stronger with every day since, fed by new bloody incursions onto North American soil by the Europeans, while vampire politicking has forced him to wait. But no longer. Someone has attacked his home, killing vampires, threatening Cyn. They’ve taken it one step too far, and Raphael’s tired of waiting. His enemies are about to discover that revenge can taste damn good when it’s hot, too.

My Review

            Raphael and Cyn forever Stars

I just love this series. Cyn and Raphael are just so damn cute together. I love when D.B. Reynolds writes these little short stories, anything that gives me more Cyn and Raphael time. In this book they are going after the European vampires that have been sending hit men to Raphael's home, and people. Raphael isn't going to sit around anymore while these power hunger vampires come after those he loves, he is taking the fight to them. Raphael and Cyn are just so bad ass and I love that they fight together. Relentless not only gave me happy time with one of my favorite vampire couples but it set up the next book in the series Quinn! When Quinn came on the scene I was totally intrigued. Sexy, powerful, smart and Irish I just can't wait to read Quinn's book. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Scot Beds His Wife

Book Review The Scot Beds His Wife (Victorian Rebels Series)

Title:The Scot Beds His Wife

Series: Victorian Rebels Series

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Date Published:  October 3rd 2017

Date Read:   October 12, 2017 

The Blurb:

Gavin St. James, Earl of Thorne, is a notorious Highlander and an unrelenting Lothario who uses his slightly menacing charm to get what he wants—including too many women married to other men. But now, Gavin wants to put his shady past behind him...more or less. When a fiery lass who is the heiress to the land he wishes to possess drops into his lap, he sees a perfectly delicious opportunity...

A marriage most convenient

Samantha Masters has come back to Scotland, in a pair of trousers, and with a whole world of dangerous secrets from her time spent in the Wild West trailing behind her. Her only hope of protection is to marry—and to do so quickly. Gavin is only too willing to provide that service for someone he finds so disturbingly irresistible. But even as danger approaches, what begins as a scandalous proposition slowly turns into an all-consuming passion. And Gavin discovers that he will do whatever is necessary to keep the woman he has claimed as his own...

My Review

3 O, what a tangled web we weave Stars

The Scot Beds His Wife, the 5th book in the Victorian Rebels series, was an okay read for me. It was slow going. I didn't start to really enjoy it until right after they were married, and that was 200 pages into the book. So for 200 pages I was zoning out, and kinda bored. My problems with this read was the overly flowery words that felt like filler, the crazy amount of the word FUCK in this book, and the ridiculous over the top one upping of the hero. Here are just two quotes:

"Suddenly an extremity of exhilaration and anxiety stormed through her. She was no untried blushing bride...but this man had famously fucked more women than Casanova and Lord Byron combined."-Sam

"I already told you, I'm no virgin. And everyone knows you've made love to most of the maidens in Europe, and half the married women, besides."-Sam

I mean come on!!!! He fucked more women than Casanova and Lord Bryon. That is just so hard to take serious. And lets touch on the fact that the heroine Sam was dropping the F bomb every other word. I know there were women who cussed back in the day, but they were super rare. The way in which Sam did it, and the amount of the word fuck coming from her, and the hero's mouth was again over the top and not believable. Now all that being said It was still an okay read. The last 190 pages were really good. I just wished I could have gotten into it sooner. I still love Kerrigan Byrne and I can't wait to see who's book is next!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Her Little White Lie

Book Review Her Little White Lie

Title:Her Little White Lie

Series: Novel

Author: Maisey Yates

Date Published:   January 2013

Date Read:   September 20, 2014

The Blurb:


Paige Harper can’t believe her little white lie has made the headlines. The only way to secure the adoption of her best-friend’s daughter was to fake an engagement with her boss. Now she can hear him marching down the corridor to fire her!

The press have spent years cultivating Dante’s devilish persona, but now he wonders if this ‘engagement’ could be an opportunity to change that. Paige will wish he had fired her when she hears his terms: if she wants his ring she’ll have to play the part of devoted wife in public and in private…

My Review


When I started this book I figured it would be cheesy cute and easy breezy, but I loved this book.... It was so great! 
Paige lies and says she is getting married to her boss Dante so she can adopt her best friend who died daughter Ana. It makes the news paper and her boss finds out. He goes along with the lie and moves her in his home and plans to marry her and help her get her daughter and in turn getting good press to turn around his bad image. While playing house they fall in love.

Paige: I loved Paige's personality. Playful, funny, bright, strong. 
Dante: Is a man hurting who thinks he can't feel or he would lose control and turn into his father a evil man who beat and killed his mother when Dante was only 6 and watching. 

I loved watching Paige and Ana break down all his walls. This story made me laugh and feel their pain. This was a great book a real surprise their love felt real and not rushed!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Have My Baby

Book Review Have My Baby (Dirty DILF Series)

Title:Have my Baby

Series: Dirty DILF Series

Author: Taryn Quinn

Date Published:   September 25th 2017

Date Read:   October 2, 2017

The Blurb:Have my baby.

That was what my single dad best friend Seth said to me while I was waitressing at the diner. 
His little girl wants a sibling. But Seth is a workaholic millionaire and doesn't have time to meet someone.
Someone who won't screw him over, like his kid's mother. 
Only problem is this someone has secretly been in love with him since high school. I've been hiding it forever, not wanting to risk our friendship.
Sleeping with him is my biggest fantasy. And I've fantasized plenty, being a virgin. Another thing he doesn't know.

Now I have to make the biggest decision of my life.

Is having a no strings attached affair just to make a baby better than never having him at all?

My Review

3 Have my baby? Stars

Have my baby is my first book by Taryn Quinn and it was an okay read. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it. The sex in this book was smokin' hot and written well. I also love friends to lovers books but I didn't connect to the couple. I didn't feel their relationship. There wasn't a build up it was just assumed they were besties. But I never felt the their bond. I also didn't really understand what the conflict was. I didn't understand why Ally kept running. Nothing was setting her off, no clear problems. It was just like drama for drama's sake. Still it wasn't a bad read. It would have made a great shorter story erotica. But for the lenght of the book I would have like more relationship development.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Book Review of Hated (Hearts of Stone Series)


Series: Hearts Of Stone Series

Author: Christine Manzari

Date Published:   September 18th 2017

Date Read:   September 18th 2017

The Blurb:

Frankie DiGorgio has returned home for the summer to fix up and sell the home she grew up in. But when Frankie discovers Austin Stone is also back home and right next door, her summer suddenly seems more exciting than the motocross tracks she races on.

Four years ago, Austin was her best friend. Her first love. The only boy who saw more than just her rough edges.

But Austin left Frankie behind to perform in Las Vegas with his brother Dallas after winning Rising Stars. And Frankie didn’t wait around for him. Instead, she disappeared with no explanation and she hasn’t spoken to Austin since then.

Austin hates Frankie now.

Unfortunately, they’re next door neighbors again and Frankie and Austin can’t avoid each other anymore. With little more than bitterness, heartbreak, and secrets between them, they soon find themselves reverting to their childhood habits—prank wars. As Frankie and Austin’s past is put back together and old feelings resurface, they discover it’s a fine line between love and hate.

And the secrets Frankie has kept could cross the line right into hate.

My Review

                   3.5 Prank Wars Stars

Hated the 3rd book in the Hearts of Stone series and can be read as a stand alone as I didn't read any of the other books and I followed it just fine. I haven't read any books by Christine Manzari and I enjoyed her writing style. I love the friends to lovers, and second chance tropes and I got plenty of that in this book. I really liked both Frankie and Austin. I thought they made a cute couple. They were both a little immature at times but since they are young adults it could be overlooked. I laughed so hard at their prank wars. I felt like the author gave us readers a good build up to Frankie and Austin relationship including their backstory. I only had two little problems with this book were the secret that Frankie kept from Austin for so long and Austin's mom. Though the secret and Frankie's age were understandable I hate when there is a secret in a book that last almost the whole book. If Frankie had been up front sooner in the book I would have enjoyed it more. I hated Austin's mom. I mean I hated her guts, and I felt she needed to be punished for being a horrible human being. I needed some karmic payback! Still this was an enjoyable read.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Deceiving Lies

Book Review of Deceiving Lies (Forgiving Lies Series)

Title: Deceiving Lies

Series: Forgiving Lies Series

Author: Molly McAdams

Date Published:  March 4th 2014

Date Read:  August 18, 2015  

The Blurb:

Rachel is supposed to be planning her wedding to Kash, the love of her life. After the crazy year they've had, she's ready to settle down and live a completely normal life. Well, as normal as it can be. But there's something else waiting—something threatening to tear them apart.

Kash is ready for it all with Rach. Especially if all includes having a football team of babies with his future wife. With his line of work, he knows how short life can be, and doesn't want to waste another minute of theirs. But now his past as an undercover narcotics agent has come back to haunt him ... and it's the girl he loves who's caught in the middle.

Trent Cruz's orders are clear: take the girl. But there's something about this girl that has him changing the rules and playing a dangerous game to keep her safe. When his time as Rachel's protector runs out, he will turn his back on the only life he's known, and risk everything, if it means getting her out alive.

My Review

4.5 Logan Kash Ryan, you’re still my hero Stars 

*Spoilers Below I don't think I can 

write a review on this book without 

them but I will try not to give too many 


“I want to take care of you, I want to protect you, I want to love you, and I want to fight with you for the rest of my life.”

I going to start this review by saying that I was a little worried about reading this book. After reading some of the other reviews and the cliffhanger from book one I knew this book would have me all over the place. I was worried I would be mad at Rachel over bonding with Trent and I read in a few reviews that she kisses Trent. I don't do cheating in books it drives me crazy and I don't really get into love triangles, so after reading some reviews I was thinking this was going to be a bad one for me , but It wasn't. 

“No. What I need is my girl back. I told you before, I’d do anything to get her back.”

“You are what makes me happy. I can’t live a life that you’re not in, Kash. I’ve already tried it once before, it didn’t work.”

I really loved this book. I am kinda shocked at how much I really liked it. This book has some darker aspects. Rachel is kidnapped and held hostage for a little over a month by a gang that Kash and Mason busted over a year ago. But it is no where close to as dark as I thought it would be. That is because Trent, the one who took her, protects her from other members of the gang. Rachel is terrified and doesn't know why she has been kidnapped. She is confused by the man that took her because he seems to be protecting her and is being nice to her. Here is where I thought I would start getting mad, but it was written so well I could totally understand Rachel's feelings. She didn't love Trent she just felt a friendship for him and appreciation for him keeping her safe. Yes there are two kisses between them but the first one he kissed her and she was just shocked but didn't kiss back. The second one she thought they were going to die and it was more of a goodbye kiss to me; although, I really wish there hadn't been any kisses it didn't bother me to bad. I actually liked Trent a lot. I hope he gets his own book. He is a really good guy that is in a situation he couldn't get out of and I really felt for him. 

“I hate that after finally knowing you’re safe from those men, you’re going to be leaving me. But I’ve only ever viewed you as a friend, and protector. I’m sorry.” “I know. I knew even when I kissed you that your heart belonged to him. I’ve never loved anyone until I met you, Rachel, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over you.”

“There are still times when I stop dead in my tracks when I see you, and wonder how you’re mine. You’re beautiful, and your fire for life, and strength after everything you’ve been through, amazes me. So if anyone leaves the other speechless, it’s you.”

As much as I loved Rachel and I really do love her and as much as I liked trent, Kash was the star of the book for me. OMG do I love that man!! My heart broke for him. He was tortured over the fact that Rachel has been taken. He was losing his mind over the pain of what he thought was happening to her. Kash felt like he failed to protect her and that it was all his fault. Kash was so damn sexy in this book the way he goes all dark and rogue . Kash will do whatever it takes to bring his woman home and him going all bad boy had me hott! 

“So you see”—I said darkly and leaned close—“you played this game with me, took what’s mine, and tried to ruin my life. I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure I just won. And now I’ve started my own game . . . now I’ve taken what’s yours. Only difference between your game and mine is, you’ll never get yours back.”

When he does get her back it is a long slow road to healing, but a sweet and loving road. I love Kash and Rachel as a couple. I am glad for the outcome that Trent gets too. The epilogue in this book and their HEA was so damn good I was squealing, swooning and doing a silly clap happy dance. 

“There’s my fiery girl. You’re such a cute little monster when you wake up.” “I will cut you.” “I said cute.” “I hate you.”

This book is suspenseful, dark, and full of emotion . I will for sure read more books from Molly McAdams. I hope She writes a book for Mason and Trent! Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

He dropped to his knees on the floor and pressed his head against my stomach, his hands gripping my back as he cried into my lap. “I’ve come too close to losing you too many times,” he forced out. “I will do anything to keep you by my side for the rest of my life.” Looking up at me, I felt helpless staring back at his broken expression. “Knowing that you even had to consider me moving on with someone else because you might die, kills me. I hate that you went through that, and I hate that you prepared yourself for that.” “Okay, but I’m—” My voice gave out and I had to clear my throat. “I’m here, we’re together.” “I’m not letting you go, Rachel, for anything. It’s you and me. Always, got it?”